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Two of the spectacular cars I longed for (but never owned*) in the old days were a Mustang Mach1 428 SCJ and a Camaro SS396 L78. Does it make me a traitor that I used to like both Fords and Chevys way back then? Well, guess what - I still do! As cool as those muscle cars were, the new versions outperform them and offer air conditioning, leather seats, and nice factory sound systems with CD players (or a USB port for your thumb drive). And I've just placed an order for a 2013 IOM 6M ZL1 coupe (estimated November delivery) to join the 2008 torch red with black stripes GT500 that's been in my garage since November 2007. Seems to me like these are the good old days.**

** If you can call paying full MSRP for a $58K Camaro the good old days.
* Okay, so I had a '69 SS396 Chevelle with the L78 back then instead of a Camaro.
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