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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Hey bro car sounds sick and looks like it's gonna be one helva beast, get ready to be hated by the neighbors on every cold start , any dyno numbers yet?
Thanks Brother P!!! The Kooks headers really opened up everything in this beast & I'm so glad I went with them & no cats. Our tuner works for Edelbrock tuning their production pieces all day long, so he really knows how to milk these engines & blowers. He loaded the Dyno tunes for me on my SCT handheld & my ITSX app so I use my iPad also, and we really utilized the Meth system for both safety & power. I'd rather not post specific dyno numbers cause I like to play the sleeper role , but lets just say that when I plant my right, it snaps necks like a shark bite!

Originally Posted by rccamaro View Post
That sounds out of this world john. Nice job!!!
Thanks RC, appreciate you following my build, and always the positive comments

Originally Posted by nikos30 View Post
sickest black camaro on here. sounds awesome and I bet it sounds even better in person. now pick me up from penn state and give me a dam ride already haha
Nikos, thanks for the awesome comment bro & I wish I had the whip back home in the Dirty Jerz....some day bro, just bring a neck brace!

WE ARE.....Penn State! Big game for you guys tomorrow, I'm already down with the Lions at -5 for some large, now up to 6-6.5 pts...Easy $$$ Nikos....Lions ROLL! Actually flying in to Philly in the morning, Eagles home opener/Business and the NFL schedule maker wasn't kind to me as a season ticket holder. Not one back to back home game, home/away all season.....Looks like I'll be racking up the SW Rapid Rewards!

Hear's how we roll Philly Style....
25" 1973 Winnebago with custom Eagles paint job, 3' Yellow metal fabricated beak on the front, usually 30-40 people at our tailgate, so if you're ever down town during a home game let me know........And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and I'll bring you down on the field & make some new friends

But really, thanks for the compliments....It' was my goal to have the baddest F**K'n car around And it's still not done. Stayed tuned....
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