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Lowering Coils and Coilovers

Lowering Coils and Coilovers

Your Camaro's Pedderised foundation is now as stable as a Chevy rock and and approaches the best in the industry in monocoque strength. Stability and predictability are significantly improved for your daily drive to work or as the foundation for the the enthusiast. Now we address ride heights, lowering coils and coilovers and damping. Lowering the Camaro with drop coils designed to work with the OE dampers and bumpstops reduces body lean and roll while maintaining good quality of ride. Using Pedders Xa 46mm coilovers would be the next level of excellence. For Pedders perfection only the 52mm Remote Reservoir Independent Bound and Rebound Adjustable Supercar Coilovers will do. All three address Center of Gravity (CG) spring rate, body lean and roll. Pedders Xa Coilovers and Supercar Coilovers address Center of Gravity (CG) spring rate, body lean, roll and damping. The Xa is a fixed ratio adjustable damper while the Supercar damping is individually adjustable for bound and rebound / Compression and rebound. The Camaro Pac Car is on Pedders Xa coilovers.

Pedderised NASCAR Pace Car

The first hard corner you take in your Camaro the most lasting impression will be just how much body lean there is. That is a direct result of the tall ride height and soft coils in SS trim. The SS delivers at 694mm front and 700mm rear measuring from the lower wheel lip, up through the wheel center and to the painted edge of the fender. Pedders Camaro lowering coils have been designed to work with your OEM dampers and the OE bumstops. The revised FE4 SS dampers particularly are very well done from the factory. When matched to a set of Pedders coils, you can expect your Camaro to ride almost like factory even though it has been lowered and handle with a more aggressive edge.

Our SportsRyder lowering coils will work on both the six and the eight with a 657mm front ride height (220032) and either 675mm (220035) or 660mm (220032) rear ride height. These are no ordinary coils. These are coils manufactured to Pedders standards of +/- 1mm. Each coil is fully scragged and height verified before it is placed in a Pedders box. Coils that do not measure up are discarded as junk, not reworked. They are shipped out as scrap metal. When you purchase a Pedders Camaro Coil Set you have purchased what some brands would call a race matched set. That is at least 20 mm too tall in our opinion for a daily driver in the hands of an enthusiast. The ZL1 and the 1LE are lower from the factory and we think that is a step in the right direction, but we still prefer the ride heights and rates delivered by Pedders Sports Ryder Coils.

All Springs are Not Created Equal

Video: Birth of a Lowering Spring: Inside Pedders Suspension
May 2, 2012 by Carter Jung

Birth of a Lowering Spring: Inside Pedders Suspension

Pedders Suspension is a brand that might be familiar to enthusiasts of the domestic aftermarket. For more than six years, Pedders has offered suspension components for Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs and Pontiac GTOs. What most don’t know is that the company is far from an upstart in the chassis game. Pedders Suspension has been in business in their home country of Australia for over 60 years, starting back in the mid-1950s rebuilding shock absorbers.

Headquartered in Keysborough, just outside of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Pedders Suspension has a unique business model for their domestic market. Their products are distributed solely through franchised Pedders Suspension retailers, of which there are over 130 in Australia. Think Jiffy Lube, but for suspension needs that range from the inspection and alignment all the way to polyurethane bushings and coilover swaps.

Here in the U.S., Pedders’ business model is completely different, utilizing a more traditional distribution route. In their short time in the American market, Pedders’ products have been used by GM, Lingenfelter and Saleen. Pedders sells the gamut of chassis components, including coilovers, polyurethane bushings and CV shafts, but their core product is springs. In fact, Pedders likes to refer to their manufacturing facility as the “World’s Best Spring Plant.” While that’s up for interpretation, having witnessed the birth of a spring, firsthand, we can attest that quality is very much at the core of their values.

Here’s how Pedders Suspension springs are made:

Step 1:
Pedders’ springs begin life as steel from BlueScope Steel, an Aussie company headquartered in Melbourne. Instead of sourcing cheaper materials from China or India, Pedders insists upon using steel that is ISO accredited.

Step 2:
For heating of the metal rods, Pedders relies on gas instead of electricity. With the latter, dips and irregularity in power can cause inconsistencies in the metal. Each rod is baked close to 980 degrees C.

Step 3:
After the steel is heated up to temperature, the glowing rod is then coiled around a mandrel. The solid steel mandrel does not flex or bow with repetitive use. Pedders has more than 100 different steel mandrels in varying shapes and sizes for varying applications.

Step 4:
The next stage in the spring production is quenching, a process in which the hot coiled steel is cooled by oil. The spring is still soft at this point, lacking any memory.

Step 5:
Once the spring is cooled, it goes back into the tempering furnace where the coils are cured. Temperatures are adjusted to suit the gauge of the wire—the thicker, the hotter.

Step 6:
After another cooling phase, each spring is ground to appropriate size and fitment.

Step 7:
For the final step in strengthening the steel, each spring is shot peened with military grade shot.

Step 8:
Pedders scrags 100 percent of their springs. Scragging is a quality-control process where each spring is fully compressed, testing its load for up to 2 mm in variance.

Step 9:
Before they are boxed and shipped around the world, the springs are powder coated. Powder coating gives a spring its brand-distinctive color and protects it from the elements.

Posted with the permission of R & T

Pedders has designed three solutions for ride height. One is the fully adjustable Xa Coilover range that dominates the Camaro after market in sales.

You have seen Pedders Camaro Xa coilovers on the highest profile Camaros in North America: Jay Leno's Six, the entire GM display at SEMA 2009 and on the Camaro Pace Cars used in NASCAR and Indy racing series.

When we corner weighted the Pedders USA Camaro we were shocked as just how much attention to detail had been invested by the engineers at GM. We were able to adjust our Xa coilovers to bring the front wheels within ONE pound and the rear wheels to within 10. The cross weights were so close we kept checking the scales to make sure they were working properly. What this means to you is that your Camaro has tremendous potential and that your aftermarket coils or coilovers should be made with the same attention to detail as GM put into the development of ZETA II. Pedders understand how much you care about your Camaro. We feel the same way. It shows in our product, on the track, in your daily drive and most important of all -- how we value you as a customer.

Pedders Xa 46mm Fixed Ratio Coilover

46mm High Pressure Nitrogen Monotube Construction for incredible control. Set to position 10 the Xa coilovers are approximately matched to Pedders Gas SportsRyder valving. These are adjustable up and down the Critical Damping Scale and dial in more comfort or control.

30 Positive Position Damping Adjustment eliminates the possibility of adjustment error. It is as simple as turning the knob and clicking down to zero and then counting the clicks up. There are no soft settings, no need to estimate how many degrees the valve adjustment has been turned, no doubts that it is set right. Positive clicks each and every time.

Threaded Tube / Mount Height Adjustment delivers consistent spring rate and ride quality. The Speed Lab coilovers requires only 2mm of spring pre-load. Suspension travel remains the same regardless of the selected ride height. This is class leading technology.

OEM Matched Bracketry
so that your brake line and ABS fittings clip into place just like they did from the factory.

High Strength Steel Strut Clevis Design for Optimal Strength is a standard feature with Pedders coilovers. We know how you drive.

Advanced Alloy Motorsport Coils
are wound with Pedders precision to be within +/- 1mm of Loaded Ride Height.

Aluminium Spring Perches and Locking Rings reduced mass.

The 2010 INDY 500 and NASCAR Camaro Pace Cars run on Pedders Xa coilovers. GM designers wanted the cars to have a more menacing stance. Pedders height adjustable Xa coilovers are perfect for height adjustment as suspension travel is the same regardless of the set ride height. As always, Pedders delivers more than requested so each of these Camaro Pace Cars includes 27mm front sway bars, 27mm rear sway bars, Xa coilovers radius and sub-frame bush inserts. GM has joined the rest of us as enthusiasts and our desire to personalize our cars.

For those who want the track like performance and OEM like ride comfort and more drop than available through lowering coils Pedders 160086 eXtreme Xa Coilovers are the most popular choice in the 5th Gen community. The Xa coilover has a full range of travel when close to OEM height or fully dropped. This is functionality is the result of the unique fully threaded 46mm monotube damper body that screws into or out of the lower mounting bracket leaving the coil and suspension travel unchanged. The front coilovers use the OEM bearing and coil mount and cylindrical coil. The rear structure for the ZETA II Camaro requires a cone like coil wind to be compatible with the large four bolt upper OEM spring perch. Pedders takes great care in the design of a coilover to make certain that it is fully compatible with the OEM mountings.

To meet the needs of the enthusiast driver without camber plates, Pedders designed a 10mm wider clevis. The extra clevis width increases clearance between the sidewall and coilover. You can use this extra clearance to increase negative front camber. The Pedders Camaro clevis mounts accept the OEM brake lines and ABS wiring just like the OEM strut. Installing Pedders Xa coilovers is as easy as take off the OEM black and install the Pedders Red Xa unit.

Spring and rates and damper mapping are mission critical to the enthusiast and exceptionally well done with the R & D for the Pedders Xa Camaro application. Using 8kg coils front and 10kg coils rear the spring rates bring balance to the factory 52 / 48 weight distribution. There is a motion ratio at work in the rear of the Camaro making the spring rates almost perfectly matched. There are 30 positions to the Xa damper settings from OEM soft to R compound tire race track ready hard. The positive click adjustments are easy to make and alter the bound and rebound as well as the high and low speed circuits. Many adjustable dampers only allow the end user to change the low speed settings. For the enthusiast having the ability to alter both high and low speed operation is a huge plus.

Pedders made the decision to give the end user control over both circuits because it is what we would want on our personal vehicles. We choose to fix the bound to rebound ratio on the Xa range so that even a novice user can confidently make damper adjustments.

The difference between full soft and full hard feels as though the coils were actually changed on the vehicle. This range of damping adjustment makes the Pedders Xa Camaro coilovers well suited to a vehicle that will be driven daily and when take to the track quickly clicked into a track ready state.

Supercar 52mm Remote Reservoir Independent Bound and Rebound Coilovers

The third option is the best in class 52mm Remote Reservoir Independent Bound and Rebound Adjustable Supercar Coilovers. The shear mass of the pistons and the volume of oil work to make them silky smooth. The ability to click tune and Game On! Pedders USA, LLC is proud to offer the most advanced coilover application for the 2010 Camaro. These are the SMOOTHEST MOST CONTROLLED coilovers money can buy for 5th Gen. Pedders Supercar coilovers are 52mm monotubes. Our Xa coilovers, which are spectacular in their own right, are sized like most coilovers at 46mm. Basic fluid dynamics tells you that the larger the volume of oil, the smoother the action, control will be. Comparing a 46mm diameter disc for surface area to a 52mm disc we find there is 27% increase in surface area. Couple the 27% greater disc surface area with remote reservoirs the size of Coke or beer cans and the volume of oil is increased by more than half. Couple this HUGE amount of oil with 30 independent bound and 30 independent rebound adjustments and you have race car like control over your 5th Gen suspension. There is nothing better you can buy for your 5th Gen Camaro. Make your Camaro a true Supercar with Pedders Supercar coilovers.

Height adjustment is separate from the coil per-compression adjustment on the Supercars just as it is on the Xa coilovers. Hieght is adjusted by screwing the entire monotube into or out of the lower mount. Adjusting height this way delivers the same jounce travel, the same shock travel at OE height or slammed. Ride quality remains the same!

The shear mass of oil, the diameter of the piston assure you of silky smooth operation. The Supercar coilovers include all of the Xa features and none of the headaches normally associated with remote reservoirs. The Supercar reservoirs are mounted to the coilovers, so Pedders Supercar coilovers install with the same ease as our Xa coilovers. The adjustments are positive clicks with no guess work. Adjustment of the damping is as easy as Click, Tune -- Game On!

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