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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I think what's generally considered a "drivers car" is something with precise steering that gives great feedback; balanced neutral handling with precise turn-in on corners where the car just goes where you point it without understeer or oversteer, yet either of those conditions can be induced with throttle control; great seat-of-the-pants feel as to what the car is doing while cornering; quick crisp throttle response and control; great brakes that give you exactly what you want in direct proportion to how hard you push the pedal; great easy-to-read instrumentation that gives you exactly the information you need with just a quick glance; a smooth, short-throw, solid-position-in-each-gear shifter for the transmission; superb gearing and ratios between the trans and diff so that you aren't over-geared or under-geared; just the right amount of exhaust note, volume and sound feedback from the mechanicals and tires (not too quiet); great seats that comfortably hold you in place but aren't too soft so you can still feel what the car's doing.
Which is why Porsches cost so damn much!!!!
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