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Originally Posted by doc7000 View Post
With the Venom GT sure, its scary fast.

With the GT500, its too much engine for the chassis and he states (and so has others) that it doesn't have enough brakes. That isn't scary fast, because you are trying to slow down and can't..... thats just a poorly engineered car.
There have been many conflicting reports about the brakes on the GT500. It sound like it's a pretty simple fix. Besides I don't know where in the streets that you would ever push that car hard enough to where out the brakes without ending up in jail. I think for whatever reason that guy is full of crap. there are many people that have these cars and do run them at tracks with very little problems. Maybe that skinhead just doesn't know how to drive. That three wheeled car and the first gen Viper are the only two cars on that list that I completely agree with.
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