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Post Track Your Camaro's Railcar Number

For those of you that have tracked your railcar, I'm sure you know just how frustrating trying to communicate your railcar number to and understand CSX's automated system can be.

I found this using Google to try find other alternatives for tracking the railcar. I was hoping to find a web based method, but that doesn't seem to be available (yet). I did find the same information provided in this forum, but with Union Pacific's information added.

Once your railcar transfers to Union Pacific, I must say their system is a slightly better experience. Not only could I understand the locations more clearly, but it also told me the date & time my railcar would reach Industry, which "is the end of the Rail journey. Rail Car is waiting to be unloaded. Then the Car is just waiting on a truck for the last leg."

This helped me, so I am posting it here to maybe help others. Just remember, DO NOT EVER talk to a person or we could lose the privilege of using these systems.

"From another forum...

Welcome to

When you enter your information on the site you will not show a status for approximately 2 hours for Chevrolet vehicles or until the following business day for GMC, Cadillac or Buick brands.

Production Tracking for Chevrolet vehicles is fully automated and update every two hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Tracking information includes production and logistics tracking so you will go from the point of the order all the way to delivery of your new Chevrolet car or truck.

Production Tracking for GMC, Cadillac or Buick vehicles Track by your order number.
We can only do Production tracking for valid US order numbers.
If your current status is 1100-3300, your order will be checked weekly on Wednesday or Thursday. Since orders do not get pulled into 2000 status until late Tuesday night.

If you are at 3400 with a future TPW, your order will not be checked until your TPW.

If you are at 3400 with a current TPW, your order will be checked daily (starting Tuesday) of that week. If you do not have a VIN by the Saturday of your production week, you will not have one until the following Tuesday.

The only orders that will be updated on Monday are the new orders entered in on Saturday and Sunday.

On your updates you may see a date in the notes section. That is your Target Production Week.

The current date reflects the last date your status was checked and a change occurred in your status. You will receive an email update even if your status does not change each time you get checked on global connect.

Once you receive a VIN number you will not receive further updates as we are not provided logistics data on these brands yet. If you contact your dealer they can contact the Dealer Business Center and receive updates. If they provide a railcar number for you we can assist in helping you to use the automated rail tracking system. It is important not to ever talk to live personnel at the railroads or the trucking companies.

Tracking Assistance threads.

There are several tracking threads available for you to post in..No vendors or spamming will be allowed.
In r thread please remember to post up enough information for us to properly answer your questions. Your VIN number, or Order number. Your current status. And of course your question. Your location might also be helpful in determining rail carrier information. Please understand we are all volunteers here. We are not GM employees nor do we charge for the services. We are folks just like you that have taken it on to ourselves to help our fellow GM car buyers. We try to man the threads 24/7 but sometimes we may not be on. So just post up the question and check back for your answer. Every post will get answered within hours which is remarkable since we are just volunteers. We do not speculate or guess what is happening. If we don't know the answer we will get one for you. Since we all have been thru this ride we know the roller coaster of emotions you are feeling. And we are here to help you thru them.

How do I get back to the site from the forum?

Click on the big letter "T" at the top left corner or click on "" at the top or bottom of whichever page you are on.

How can I view my window sticker online?

Simply go to the (brand) site and pull up your information. Then click on your VIN and it will link to the GM window sticker site. Window stickers usually don稚 show up for a few days after the car has actually shipped from the factory so check back often until you see yours.

What do my status codes mean?

500, this is a dealer stock order code used to order common vehicles. Please contact your dealer to receive an actual active order number.
1100, Preliminary order accepted
2000, Order accepted by GM
2030, Order re-edited (if necessary)
2051, Order changed thru Web
2500, Order preferenced
3000, Order accepted by production control
3100, Order available to sequence
3300, Order scheduled for production
3400, Order broadcast
3800, Order produced
4000, Available to ship
4104, Bailment Invoice
4200, Shipped
4300, Intermediate Delivery
4B00, Bayed
5000, Delivered to the dealer
6000, Delivered to the customer
9000, Order Cancelled

What do common Railroad terms mean?

Delivered at Interchange
May switch tracks or the like then on to the next stop
After the interchange you may need to call Union Pacific. The railcar may change carriers.
Delivered at Industry
This is the end of the Rail journey. Rail Car is waiting to be unloaded. Then the Car is just waiting on a truck for the last leg.
Hold can be anything, no real way to know why it is on HOLD. If it is a prolonged length of time contact the general manager and ask the reason
Bad Order
There is something wrong with the rail car (not your car)?a mechanical failure or the like.
Only two possible status for CSX ONHOLD OR SHIPPABLE
Constructively placed
Rail car has been put on a side track waiting to hook up to next ride or to another area depending on the situation
Placed at Customer Location
"placed at customer location" is in a position at the terminal to be unloaded. Is waiting to get moved over to the unloading area
The waybill update just means that they have the paper work for the railcar to continue
Diverted in Transit
Change in destination or routing OR instructions- may be a change in destination, route, name of consignee, name of consignor,
party to notify, etc. It is a change in instruction. It doesn稚 mean the train itself is diverted. It could be something as simple
as a change made in the paperwork

How do I track my car on a railcar?

The first thing you will need is a railcar number. This can be received from your dealer by asking them to contact the Dealer Business Center and asking for it. You can also call Customer Service and ask an advisor for it. Not in all cases will your dealer provide you with a railcar number nor will the Customer Service Reps. I think a lot has to do with the relationship you develop with them. Once you have a railcar number, most important. Never talk to live personnel at the railroad! Only use automated phone system. If it attempts to transfer you to a live person please hang up. The railcar information we are provided by GM is given as a courtesy and if we call live personnel we will lose our data and ability to track
1. Call the CSX 1-800-235-2352
2. When prompted for location or weight, press "1" on your phone for location.
3. When prompted for the car initials, say ETTX (whatever initials you have) then wait for the next prompt. OR key in 32-81-81-92 (for ETTX)(letter and position on your phone)
4. When prompted for the car number, say 907048 or key in whatever your car number is
5. When prompted for next car say DONE.
6. That's it; enjoy your updated status report.

Union Pacific
1. Call UP at 1 800 877-5123
2. Follow phone prompts for Trace
3. Say the railcar number complete and clearly. Example ETTX123456 all together
4. Listen for your update

These automated systems can be frustrating. Keep in mind they are intended for use by folks that use them daily all day long. Like I said if you are being transferred to a live person please hang up and try again or simply post up and one of our team would be happy to help.

Larry, Hylton, Lisa and Eric,,,"
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