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ARH Long-Tubes Installed on LS3 with Factory Mufflers

We finished the exhaust install early this afternoon. It took a total of 3 hours with some goofing off and painting (we painted the mufflers flat black). I highly recommend painting the mufflers while you are working on this sytem. It really changes the look of this car!

Everything fit extremely well, and the only thing which needed to be disconnected for install is the steering shaft.

Otherwise everything slides into place VERY EASILY!!!

The system is very clean and it does not hang low beneath the car, I am very very satisfied with the design of the ARH system.

The headers definetly wake up this car, and to my suprise, the bottom end torque feels much improved.

I have some pictures of the system prior to install, during install and after. There are also pictures of the factory system next to the ARH system...The ARH is a HUGE improvement!

I have some videos that will be posted later this evening

OK Lets see if this works
This is just one long video....

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