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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
I have the aluminized on mine. Sure when you mix metal there is the corrosion issue. But the fact of the matter is that the jerry cans removed were not stainless steel. And furthermore, my car wont see rain and other corrosives that could accelerate the issue. I feel very confident that this set of straight pipes should last for at least 10 years and more than likely more. Stainless is better without a question but you could do it twice with aluminized. Sound would be the same. And allignment might be better cause it is so much easier to bend.
Went to another shop yesterday, he basically told me the same thing. Aluminized would be much more cost effective, won't discolor like stainless, going to last a long time and he'll warrantee it for three years.

He took a quick look and told me it would cost about $60 and take 1/2 hour to do. I think that might be a little under estimating since he didn't really get under there and see the bends he needs to make.

He has done something similar to a few Chargers and a Challenger.

I now have an appointment with these guys tomorrow
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