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Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post like Thelma and Louis I'm down bro for whatever...but I got a friend who may or may not be willing to sell his 17 with stickies, I was told this about a month ago when he blew his car to shit, I'll inquirer and see if his pricing is good...from what I was told this was the perfect setup for what he was running (claims a 10 second car).

Thanks man...wifey was all excited about the month thing...but I'm glad it was chosen before that Fascia was put on...I didn't want it getting credit for all the real work done... ...hahahahahaha .
Yeah let me know on the stickies I'm probably better off spinning the tires now though haha. Too much grip will most likely break something drivetrain related.

Hahaha amen to that man there was so much done too it the fascia is .000005% important LOL. I will let you know when the ride is home. I will be in south jersey picking it up but I don't think I can get the day off. If I can have to do some test runs hahah
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