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Originally Posted by ihaveacamaro View Post
... General guideline is clay bar your car at least 2x a year so every 6 months...
I disagree but...

Originally Posted by ihaveacamaro View Post
...but to determine specifically go outside with a baggie, put your hand in it and run it over your car. If you feel hundreds of tiny bumps, it's time to clay. This is called the baggie test.
I agree 100%

Here's the deal RedHot. Everyone is not going to subject their car to the same exact elements so there is not "set" amount of time between claying. My car specifically has not been completely clayed in years, however, it lives in a garage and really doesn't see the road for 5 months out of the year. A guy who's car sits in a driveway year round will clay his paint 10 times as much as I. But just as I show in those videos, the baggie test is the ultimate measuring stick. The baggie test NEVER lies and if the bag says you need to clay, then you need to clay. That is the ONLY determining factor that I use or go by.
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