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Originally Posted by Jeffm View Post
Thanks Aj your a prince hope to come see ya sometime when i go see my sis in owensboro
Just give me a holler. Everyone is welcome at 'a brutha' in his garage productions'!

Originally Posted by vtelvr View Post
Awesome set of videos. I actually took notes like a good student would, as I have never even held a machine polisher...much less used one. I am going to acquire the items and products shown, and will try to get my car polished out by the winter time. Unfortunately, I have to daily drive it, but will avoid anything that will harm it at all costs! Thanks!
I wish more people would take notes! You would be surprised how much stuff you have missed when you watch any of my videos a second, third or forth time. There's a ton of information in them and there is no way for a novice to retain it all after only watching them 1 time.

Kudos to you.

Originally Posted by Gixxer 1000 View Post
Hey Junkman can I bring you my car Its a 2012 black Camaro and its has swirls all over It. :(
Originally Posted by 2010abmss View Post
You have to provide him with a nice STEAK dinner!!
... or Halle Barry! Hell, I ain't picky. I'll accept any woman who's cute in the face, thin in the waist and has her own place.

Hey Gixxer, you can bring it but my prices might make you run back to Tennessee!

Originally Posted by ChadG View Post
Since I'm a subscriber I saw these pop up when you posted them and immediately started watching. As a veteran from watching your first series of videos multiple times, I'm still learning and am thankful you've taken the time to post these for us - much appreciated AJ.
Yep Chad, we go back a bit. Glad you are finding them useful.

Originally Posted by rpomeroy View Post
I owe AJ at least 2 steak dinners!
That's right, you've seen me eat...
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