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Pics will come tomorrow if I can finish but the shock mounts are different in a couple places.

1) Pre-existing cutouts which seem to line up with the adjustment knob location for some coilovers that used to require drilling to insert the knob. Sadly not mine so I ended up drilling holes in the trunk which really pissed me off. Pedders would probably work with zero drilling, I'd have to do some measuring to be sure.

2) Bushings are definitely different. The steel insert is 4.2MM wider than on the standard SS version. I assume more steel and less rubber will reduce deflection which is a good thing. I couldn't tell a difference in the rubber itself other than there being less of it from the steel insert. I'll check thickness tomorrow.

3) My bathroom scale showed no difference but it kinda felt/looked a bit heavier. Seemed like the metal was a hair beefier but the cutouts may have made it weigh about the same. The lip around the outer edge extended 1/16" more.

Weld locations and length were exactly the same. Same 4 widened bolt holes for mounting to the frame.

Honestly I'm not sure it's worth buying unless you want every last bushing upgraded or you're lazy and don't wanna drill for pedders adjusters. But they come off anyways to do springs or coilovers so if you want to spend the $120 on them go ahead. Glad I could be everyone's guinea pig.
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