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Thanks guys, tbh I didn't know I was selected for COTW until mlee PM'd me just now, work has been incredibly busy. I got home from work today with just enough time to scarf down food and watch my Bears take on the Cowboys, and I LIVE in TEXAS, try being a Bears fan in the lonestar state tonight! I've been typing this response for the past 45 minutes, the Bears keep forcing turnovers on Romo and it's distracting me...

Originally Posted by RJT Impala View Post
Congrats on COTW. What's the status on the chiller and the MAF situation? Able to resolve it?
Everything is sorted, thank God. The MAF sensor going out was a direct result from condensation building up from the chiller making temps as cold as 55 degrees, when outside temps were 95-100. Tracy at Rx sent me a valve to regulate how much cold air is sent in. So far (past three weeks) there has been no issue. I've pulled the sensor out a couple times a week to check for any possible condensation and there is non. So it looks like everything is good.

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did you finally get your final dyno numbers?
Not my final numbers. I dynoed with the OD pulley, however at around 8 psi of boost the fuel pump fails to keep up. I'm now on the stock pulley making right around 6-7 psi of boost at peak and it feels really good. The weather in Texas is finally getting cool so I'm going to make some runs soon. My goal is to beat V6owners 13.1 time
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