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Originally Posted by Mr. iNCREDIBLE View Post
you have always been able to use YOM (year of manufacture) plates in CA, if you can find a black/yellow (ebay or some other source) that is currently NOT in use and you have a vehicle in the same YOM, then all you have to do is take the plate to the DMV and have them register it to your vehilce, my HR manager has a 1962 Eldorado her and her husband bought and restored 2 years ago and that's how they did it..

CA-Vehilce Code:

5004.1. (a) (1) ( )1 An owner of a vehicle that is a 1969 or older model-year vehicle or the owner of a commercial vehicle or a pickup truck that is a 1972 or older model-year may, after the requirements for the registration of the vehicle are complied with and with the approval of the department, utilize license plates of this state with the date of year corresponding to the model-year date when the vehicle was manufactured, if the model-year date license plate is legible and serviceable, as determined by the department, in lieu of the license plates otherwise required by this code.(2) The department may consult with an organization of old car hobbyists in determining whether the date of year of the license plate corresponds to the model-year date when the vehicle was manufactured.
(b) A fee of forty-five dollars ($45) shall be charged for the application for the use of the special plates.

(c) In addition to the regular renewal fee for the vehicle for which the plates are authorized, the applicant for a renewal of the plates shall be charged an additional fee of ten dollars ($10). ( )2 If payment of a regular vehicle renewal fee is not required by this code, the holder of license plates with a date corresponding to the model-year may retain the plates upon payment of an annual fee of twenty dollars($20)( )3 that shall be due at the expiration of the registration year of the vehicle to which the plates were last assigned under this section.

(d) ( )4 If a person who is authorized to utilize the special license plates applies to the department for transfer of the plates to another vehicle, a transfer fee of twelve dollars ($12) shall be charged in addition to all other appropriate fees.


personally I would go this route for your car, as this new program is issuing plates with the current numbering sequence, which won't properly match your car..

* edit * also this guy will make you a black/yellow replacement if you find some on ebay that are kinda trashed,

however you must already have them registered on the vehicle and show proof, all he is doing is making you a new plate in the style/design of the old plate that is trashed, he cannot make you a plate that you don't already own that is not in the proper numbering sequence (in other words he cannot make your 2012 plate a 1965 look a like)
So if I get a black and yellow plate made by "this guy" using the custom plate numbers assigned to my registered 2012 ZL1, will cops be able to tell I am not paying the additional $50/yr for the black and yellow plates? I want to get my custom plates made in black and yellow and avoid paying the additional annual costs for retro colored plates. What do you all think? Technically I would not be defacing any plates - ie no $3K fine.
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