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Originally Posted by Camaro Fred View Post
So if I get a black and yellow plate made by "this guy" using the custom plate numbers assigned to my registered 2012 ZL1, will cops be able to tell I am not paying the additional $50/yr for the black and yellow plates? I want to get my custom plates made in black and yellow and avoid paying the additional annual costs for retro colored plates. What do you all think? Technically I would not be defacing any plates - ie no $3K fine.
not something I can answer, but as of now he will not make anything except the pre 1960s numbering sequence plates, so he won't make your current 2012 plates in black and yellow.

as I stated, you must own a pre 1969 plate that is legally registered to a pre-1969 car and then he will make you a replacement for a damaged or worn out pre-1969 plate that you legally own, he will not make random plates or custom plates, he is authorized by CA to make replacement plates for verified registered vehicles only.

Seeing as this Assembly Bill has not yet passed, or even been voted on, everything up to that point is pure speculation..

I emailed Assemblyman Mike Gatto as he is my area's rep and asked some specific questions on the bill and for him to send me a copy of the actual bill being submitted (seeing as most sites only have parts of it posted).

When I get a reply I will post it up for everyone.
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