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Originally Posted by wild_weasel View Post
Aaron7, where in AZ is this? I'm in Prescott, and I've seen some camo-ed mules out here before (though not Camaros). Is this beast running around anywhere near here?
This was on the Apache Trail before Tortilla Flat.

Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post
LOL they thought someone who owns a dealer was driving their new Camaro "on this road". They were in a mustang too, lol on the same road?. no offense though. I bet the sound of the rustang was the engine we are hearing possibly.
Yes, I was in a 08 Mustang, but it's a V6. That sound you hear is all Camaro!

Originally Posted by black_camaro_SS View Post
All my friends have mustangs (which i rape with my ls-1) and that sound you were hearing was the mustang. I can also tell that the video was taken by a cell phone which sucks ass with out side noise. So you probably didn't hear the camaro at all.
lol THANKS The camera is actually a Sony DSC-T100. This was a 20mb mpg file, obviously quality was reduced so you wouldn't have to sit there for a half hour to watch it! As stated above thougj, that exhaust is all Camaro. There was nothing around us that had loud exhaust.

EDIT: Just watched the video... the original had a little more exhaust sound... you could hear it idle by the car a little better. Maybe we could get a sound clip?
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