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Originally Posted by Lio Martinez View Post
It's quite sad for me to state that im gonna cancelling my camaro 1LE order because the dealer was gonna buy my current camaro 2LT RS with 13,000 for $23,000 two weeks ago but I went on trip and wanted to take all tge parts I added before trade. So I take off all parts and take it and thry offer me $18,000 how in hell does a car price $5000 in two weeks.

So with the $23,000 I was gonna get, and $16,000 I was gonna borrow from my dad and $7,000 I saved up I was gonna pay it cash... But now is a no go $5,000 is alot it took ke months of hard work for $7,000 so tomorrow I say bye to my 1LE dream.. I'm still gkad to see a lot of u getting your cars soon... Mine was on the first wave for tpw 10/15 and I think I read that they moved it a week...... Oh well it was not meant for me.
How about you sell the parts that you took off?
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