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Originally Posted by blackswan View Post
Frustrated about the replacement of struts, mounts, bumpers, sway bar end links and bushing being replaced and now I actually have more noise. Some have referred to it as a popping noise and there are other noises some are complaining about that i don't think are the same. So I recorded it best I can, hope this is useful to see if there's a commonality and we can get together potentially for a joint approach to GM on this issue. My dealer has tried their best, but I'm starting to think it's a parts issue.

See attachment for the sound - is it what you hear?
My 2010 V6 Coupe had a clunk or thump when going over bumps. My 2012 convertible is solid and quiet. The noise on the 10 started almost from the time I drove off the lot. My 12 now has almost 6,000 miles and is still solid. When did yours first started clunking?
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