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Originally Posted by AdamEL View Post
Hey Blackswan, for some reason I can't get your .zip file to work on my pc. But without hearing it myself, have you looked into the anti-lock brakes? When the car first takes off, the anti-lock brakes perform a self-test which is heard as a "clunking" sound that comes from under the car. Sometimes you can even feel the brake pedal move very slightly at the same time the clunk happens. It's only supposed to do this once, but I will occasionally hear mine twice. From what I can tell from what you've written, it seems like it's more of a repetitious thing instead of a once or twice kind of thing with yours, but maybe the anti-lock brakes are performing that test multiple times and are malfunctioning. I could be, am probably am, way off base with this, but I figured it's at least worth throwing out there. Maybe have your dealer check that out next time around.
Hi, appreciate the tip, it's a good one but not applicable to my situation. I only wish it was just the ABS testing noise I am hearing. It happens all the time over rough/washboard type roads going 20-40 MPH.

Noises are such a bummer to diagnose/describe and/or fix. For instance, I mentioned to Chevy customer service that I can reproduce it easily by going over a rumble strip. They look up "rumble strip" and come up with a TSB about the torque converter and note my records.

The noise has been duplicated by dealer, they know exactly what I'm talking about, yet a proper fix alludes us. They have been trying, I can't imagine what else could be replaced/tightened at this point other than control arms, tie rod and steering rack. I doubt they'll do much more at this point.
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