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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Okay here is my delima.

I ordered my ABM Camaro from my semi local "at MSRP" dealer back in March. Since then they have sold a few Camaro's at MSRP but have added things like tinted windows and paint sealant, clear bra etc... to get more money out of the car, rather than charging more than MSRP... which basically is the same thing if you ask me. Now I planned on getting some in fact most of the things they are offering, and from them even, with the exception of tinted windows, I can get the back three done for ~$225 they are asking ~$600... But other things I'd just asume have them do. I am on the fence about having stripes painted on the vehicle, so paint sealant is worthless to me. I was told I could have it done after I get the stripes... but that may be a year down the road, I don't know for sure. The fact is I am just trying to get the car, if they add all this extra stuff I don't want or at least need right now then what? Thats a bunch of wasted money and material. In all the extras will run approx. $4,000, that's an extra $4,000 I don't have at the moment, as it is I need to pay the negative equity off my FJ in order to not be upside down on it incase I have to trade it if I can't sell it private party.

So here is my delima, I am told this is from the top down... I don't blame my sales guy at all, he has been great to this point and continues to be, but the powers that be are forcing this on the sales team... so I plan to talk to the sales manager and see if I can make any head way... if not, I guess I am prepared to cancel my order and order from some one else... again as I have said before I'd take a plane to go pick up my car if I had to just to drive it home... esspecially if I didn't have to pay extra for stuff I don't want or need at the moment. I don't want to have to cancel my order I would rather honor the original deal and have a good working relationship with my dealer... I could just have them add the stuff but thats more than I think I should pay for some items like window tinting. the others are what they are... like the car cover etc...

Help me out guys what do you think I should do?
on the Dealer...
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