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Originally Posted by camaro2lt View Post
contact gm this is nuts! someone should be fired
I did contact Chevrolet customer assistance center (gabriel with They washed their hands of it. Said it was a dealer issue. I tried to resolve this peacefully. Thought they would do the honorable thing when confronted with the proof. But NO. Here's a time line of my efforts to afford them that opportunity:
Camaro notes

3:14 10-1-12 Received call from Anna Rice at KIA of Greer
Sent her the email of transcript and audio file to
Affiliated dealership

1649 Shawn Lowe with Nissan of Greer called, Left voicemail with his cell phone number, he asked me to call him back. I called back his cell phone went to voicemail voice mailbox full called back twice. 15 minutes apart No answer either time.

Called Nissan of Greer asked for Shawn Lowe and was transferred but i was promptly disconnected when someone picked up no words were exchanged.

1824 10-1-12Ann Rice called and wanted to tell me Shawn was trying to get in touch with me.

1824 10-1-12 Shawn called while speaking to Ann, told her he was calling. Put her on hold and answered Shawn's call. Spoke with Shawn for seven minutes. Arranged a meeting for 1100 10-2-12.

1100 10-2-12 Met with Lowe, discussed my concern. He offered to have Bradshaw Chevrolet evaluate my car. Told him NO, I wanted them to buy my car. We talked about thirty minutes. He tried to get me to blow up, but I did not. I kept my cool. And left the dealership.

1030 10-3-12
Gabriel called back and said he was waiting on Shawn Lowe to call him back and then he (Gabriel) would call back and let me know something.

1601 10-3-12
Gabriel called back: told me that he had called all three dealership that Shawn Lowe works at gabriel left messages at all three dealerships Shawn has not called Gabriel back I gave Gabriel Shawn's cell phone number that he had left me the other day on my voice mail.

1639 10-3-12
I called Shawn Lowe but was transferred to Adam I had Adam go see if Shawn Lowe was available he was not available so I gave him my name in my phone number and I also gave him Gabriel's name and phone number and asked him to call either one of us.

1153 10-4-12
Gabriel called back and said that he has not heard from Shawn Lowe

1524 10-4-12
Gabriel called and said CAC will not be able to do anything that it's a dealership issue and that it's not their problem and that I am on my own and that they are closing the case

1602 10-4-12
Sean called and left a message for me to call him back

1659 10-4-12
Called Shawn Lowe back and left a message for him to call me back

1714 10-4-12
Shawn Lowe called back and offered to ride in my car and see if we could reduplicate the problem and if he thought it was still in bad shape then he would have another dealership repair the car. He said General Motors and Kevin Whitaker both refused to do any cooperative to deal to by my car back. He suggested that I trade in my car for another one of their cars. I told him that his offer was unacceptable. He said we are too far apart and he will no longer be working with me.

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