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Originally Posted by iwillclark View Post
So then GM does have a problem, and its not simply a dealership issue?!
Good point, doubt if this is something unique to GM dealerships. I'm wondering if this crap goes on at many shops, are jack-wagons like that who work for GM dealerships coddled by unions?

I'm betting no but the blame falls on the dealership who will deny it ever happened. I was told by the private owner and mechanic at a local shop this about dealerships: " Y'eah, but who do the dealerships hire? Their boss says a 4 hour job is only a 2 hour job and that's all their getting paid." (When I was inquiring about getting a front end alignment after I get lowering springs installed). I had just told him there was a guy here complaining that his alignment seems like it's all screwed up and he had just got it done at the dealership.

My guess is that the dealerships mechanics (in general, not all of them of course)..are not exactly an elite group of highly talented and well paid experts .

About the only reason I'd ever go there is for warranty issues, and than I'd try to go to an authorized repair shop.
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