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Shocking, these people should be fired. Does not sound like an isolated incidence either. Good for you to document everything. Consider contacting your state Attorney Generals office as many accept consumer issue complaints.

Three years ago I was driving my Riviera from Ottawa to FL and broke a belt on a FL interstate near Jacksonville (Riv. is low mileage and overly maintained yearly since new). It was a Saturday and AAA towed me about 20 miles to a PepBoys were they made repairs while I waited (4-1/2 hours) then I continued on my trip to mid Florida destination later Sat. night. Much squeaking of belts. Next day went to another PepBoys near Tampa (nearest PepBoys). They made adjustments while I waited (another 2 hour wait) Stayed in mid Florida 3 days, didn't drive. On return trip to Ottawa, more problem squeaking issues so stopped again for more adjustments in Richmond VA. All these stops required I spend an extra night at hotel. Then drove 14 hours straight back to Ottawa and took the car to my mechanic who found seriously botched repair(s) plus someone left a crowbar in the engine compartment! I first contacted PepBoys in Florida, then national office, no satisfaction; they blew me off (perhaps because I had Canada tags). Then filed complaints with Attorney General's office in both Florida and Virginia. Within weeks received a call from 1st Jacksonville PepBoys saying so sorry, a check is in the mail (covering all repairs in FL, VA, and my mechanic in Ottawa, plus extra night hotel and food expense while I was on the road). I had about 19 pages of documented timeline including expenses (scanned receipts) that I submitted via internet to state Attorney General office(s) from the time the belt broke in Northern Florida. Think I received a check for a little over $1,900 (exactly what I requested based on receipts) so I was made whole. Sad that it took 3-1/2 months of my time and effort but I was pissed these jerks messed with my low mileage Riviera. In part, that experience is why I bought my Camaro in 2011 so if I wanted to drive and visit relatives in VA, NC, SC, FL, I would have a new car warranty. The Riv. still has no squeaking after my Ottawa mechanic solved the poor repair issue years ago.

Don't let these jerks off the hook. Listening to your audio tape they have abused other customerís cars, and then perhaps charged the customer or charged GM for dealership employee abuse of other customerís autos. These people should be fired. Not sure what it will take for you to feel better, but doubt you have a claim to replace the car. Perhaps new transmission, new clutch, etc., plus an extended warranty and lifetime loaner Camaro any time your Camaro is in for service.

Only thing people on Camaro5 can do is blitz the dealership owner with emails (can you get the owners email address?). If GM will not help, then other Camaro owners could flood the dealership owner with our displeasure emails. Never threaten, just let this dealership know we are watching and their continued employment of staff who abuse customerís autos is not acceptable. A flood of emails to the dealership owner will not only inform this dealership abuse of customerís autos is not acceptable it will also inform GM they can no longer tell anyone it is only a dealer issue.

Yes, I am a hard core consumer advocate. Back in the late 1970s replaced my Eldo convertible tires with new and shortly thereafter one blew at a stop light. I sent the faulty tire to Washington. A few months later tires where recalled. Had a 1996 Chrysler Sebring, fought for years for a suspension problem. One year after my warranty expired, Chrysler found the fix and issued repair orders and my auto fixed at no expense to me. Sometimes you just have to fight for people to do the right thing.

Keep us informed.
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