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I'm not sure what your complaint was, they make it seem like there is a shifting problem, they certainly fixed that for ya. I'd venture to say there's a shifting fork problem now and your clutch was abused badly. If your complaint is the clunking well a lot of RWD manual trans cars will do that at low speeds. They do it less if you try to be smoother with the gas or fan the clutch, coast alot.

I'm a tech and I drive like I know what I'm doing. I wouldn't drive that Camaro like that, for one it tells you nothing, they are not diagnosing a thing except how often and easily it spins tires.

I will certainly drive your vehicle any way I see fit for any reason I want . Burnouts are against my personal code of ethics though, there is no reason to waste people's rubber, until the day come I guess where a customer complains his vehicle won't do a burnout. I am subjected to the same laws you are though, and the same penalties if caught. I've had customers on both end of the spectrum, ones that drive like grandma, and ones that I say there's nothing wrong with their clutch and they go out and do a big holeshot and show me there is.

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