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OP, contact a lawyer ASAP!

From Reddit:

Posting this in hopes the OP sees it.
I worked for Chrysler for just under 3 years. The absolute best thing you can do is get a lawyer, NOW, and have them document EVERYTHING. I'd also try contacting Chevrolet customer service and lodge a complaint against the dealership - those are taken pretty seriously. Something you must realize - 99% of all dealerships for the big three are all independently owned and operated - Chevrolet has no direct control over the dealership. This, financially, won't affect Chevrolet at all, this is 100% on the dealership and any and all actions will be done against the dealership - Chevrolet won't even be involved in the case.

That's basically all you can do. If you take that recording to the dealership and say "Pay may car off or I'll go to the news" they'll let you go to the news. Then when the news comes they'll most likely only get to speak with a service manager who will lie through his teeth.

The thing you need to realize is that you now have the burden of proof - YOU have to prove that THEIR ACTIONS ALONE caused the problem. Yes, it does sound like they were "abusing" the vehicle, but that doesn't mean that this one time caused the problem. I saw this happen time and time again.

If you take it to another dealership, they'll likely tell you to blast off if they know another dealer may have ****ed shit up - they don't want to be liable. ANY other mechanical shop you take it to WILL be used as a scape goat for the dealership to say well "this 3rd party NON CHEVROLET technician ****ed it up"

Point being, unless your car was on fire at the dealership you're not gonna get anything done. Get lawyered up, document EVERYTHING. You may be able to get Chevrolet to investigate them because that is 100% dealer fraud and Chevy will not take kindly too that, they likely have an entire dept solely to rain shit down upon their dealerships that **** them back - Chrysler had some bottom of the barrel assholes to deal with their dealerships.

You can get all huffed and puffed but you're really not gonna be able to do anything immediately.

Get Lawyered up, document everything and try your damndest to get in touch with a Chevrolet District Manager - The SM at your dealership most likely will tell you to go **** yourself if you try the whole news thing then ask to talk to his DM - the only person at a dealership that has contact with a DM is going to be their service manager and "maybe" the owner - they normally leave that up to the SM.

I dealt with these cases more than I wanted too, but this is the best advice I can offer. Lawyer, document everything, inform the manufacturer of a problem with their dealership(they'll do everything internally, you will never be informed of their final decision). The best outcome you have is to take the recording(a copy of it) to the dealership and let the SM listen. Ask him(or her) what they're going to do about it, document it(preferably have a lawyer there, lets them know you're serious) and go from there.
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