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As a person who really loves cars, it just makes me sick to hear such stories of senseless abuse on so many different levels....the complete lack of respect for private property, the lack of respect for the fine piece of machinery of the car itself, particularly from supposed "professionals" who work with cars for a living, and who should more than anyone know better.

To the OP (and to the community in general), getting the word out on this was a great thing. In all likelihood, they've done this before to others, and would have continued to do so in the future. Don't let up, keep fighting the good fight.

And don't worry about GM giving you the cold shoulder. While they are technically correct, this is between you and the dealer, having them caught on tape talking about defrauding GM on a warranty claim probably means they won't be so quick to "close" their case between themselves and the dealer.

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First off: I am not responsible with whatever y'all do with this information.

Second: to the OP - you're welcome.

May I give you Josh Looper, Service Director at Best Chevrolet
I'd just like to add, this is why I love this particular forum. I do visit some other forums as well, but they generally don't have this same type of response from the mods or members in general that is happening here. Even though I don't have a Camaro (and actually own the arch rival), I still feel at home as part of a community of people who not only love their own specific cars, but in most cases cars in general. It's good to know that if I choose a Camaro the next time, any advice or help I may need should there be a bump in the road anywhere in the ownership experience would only be an internet connection away.
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