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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
Nope. Sorry.

I'm into photography myself but I just don't see how it can be an effective business model today with the speed and ease at which digital images can be copied and used on the internet.

I have no problems with providing access to my photos, as long as you give me proper credit as the photographer.

As for your photos on Flickr, I was going to post a link to them here but noticed that you scaled down the sizes to make them worthless as desktop wallpaper, especially for those of us running 1920x1200. Glad to see you posted them here yourself.
True.. Images can be copied and used real quick.. and it is extra work to try to keep your images from begin stolen in the internet. Always a problem but something that comes with the territory.

I respect your point of view about getting credit for your photos. I just don't see it fair if someone is using the photo you took, gives you credit (by adding your name in a corner) and makes money by using it as part of a design of an advertising. Example, if you see a photo you took of a Camaro and then SLP uses it as a banner for their site. Just the fact alone they are using your image to bring in costumers means you should be getting paid for licensing to use that photo.

I have added a link to bigger version here... if anyone has a request for bigger size, as long as it is for personal use, feel free to ask me.
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