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Originally Posted by The Shallot View Post
Oh.... just found out its a 5.0

IS there routine problems with that kind of engine/trans and year?
in 1991, there were 2 305cid (5.0L) engines offerd in the RS: the TBI unit that is more common and probably what this car is... and the TPI engine that was less common, but there is a chance that this car has it... if its a TPI engine, you need to get this car ASAP... they're good performers wtih alot of potential... the way you can tell the difference is by looking under the hood... if the top of the engine is round and black, its a TBI car... if its silver and kind of rectangular looking, then its the TPI and that is the preferred engine.

both of the engines were pretty bulletproof by the time the '91 model year rolled around... any GM transmission from that era is going to be medium quality, with emphasis on longevity, rather than initial quality.

you are a title away from a great deal... as mentioned before, offer to pay for the trip to the dmv and get that VIN run... other than that, the car has epic potential, as evidenced by what Sinister's car looks like.

good luck!
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