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Originally Posted by surfsidedetail View Post
If the water spotting is that bad hose the car off outside to remove the loose dirt etc...pull into your garage and wipe each panel with Quick Detailer and Microfiber Cloths. Keep folding your towel to get a clean side and start at the roof and do the lower panels last.
Yeah the spray detailer works very well and you get the best results right after the car has been washed. I know some sprays you can use whenever but you should probably at least dust it off first.

Originally Posted by homerlex View Post
I've used Ice before - works great.

Could you explain the "process" that requires 2 buckets?

Yeah I love that product. Bought a bunch of Microfiber towels so I could always have a clean one on hand.

It looks like someone already posted the explanation.
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