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Thanks for all of the kind words everyone.

It now seems I have a small hickup. I was messing around with my intake tubes yesterday during lunch because I saw a coupler that looked crushed. On my drive back to the office a check engine light came on and I threw P2179 - System too lean off idle. I checked my LTFT's and both banks were +20!

The most common causes for that code are:
-Dirty/Failing Mass Air Flow Sensor
-Failing 02 sensors
-A leak in the intake/exhaust/pcv system.

I thought well I was really messing around with the intake tubes so I probably have a leak. So I unbolted everything checked it out and tightened the hell out of the clamps and cleared the code. I drive around after dinner for a couple miles and seems OK.

Today when I start the car to head to work the rpm's bounce around and then a CEL comes on again. I scan the codes and sure enough the same code came on along with P2177 - system too lean off idle bank 1. So now both banks have this issue.

I am about to head home for lunch and I'm going to check the intake tubes for a second time.

But who knows what it really is..

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