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**NEW PRODUCT** ACS TL1 Insert to be installed on any SS LT LS Hood ( ZL1 Replica )

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions from the ZL1 Hood insert thread. Zl1 inserts are now available and in stock. While doing this we have been listening and can proudly say we have completed the design and function for a Zl1 style insert for SS LT LS Hoods.

Currently completing our tooling our TL1 Hood insert to be installed on any SS LT LS Hood.

Introducing the TL1 Hood Insert self-install kit, the coolest way to upgrade your STOCK Hood. That's right, modify your Aluminum Hood and save on re-paint and the hassles with replacement hoods. The ACS TL1 Hood Insert self install kit pays homage to the Zl1 while matching the lines of the existent stock hood of your Camaro.

Other than its lightness the original Camaro Hood does not offer any performance advantages, until now that is. Install the Tl1 Hood Insert to extract the engines hot air, and reduce body lift at high speed by relieving under hood pressure. Trim your hood following our guide and templates, rest assured every trimmed edge will be covered (Margin of error, +/- 1/8'' outer). Hood insert kit includes a water management system draining the water towards the front radiator support away from critical engine electronics. For extreme events like racing, you can easily remove the deflector for an optimum suction effect.

Insert is made in ACS's proprietary RTM process and is shipped in a primer finish ready for prep and paint. Unlike conventional fiberglass ACS's RTM process has been tested to withstand heat and distortion. Stock hood will need to be trimmed and 6 mounting holes will need to be drilled. Includes the Insert, rain water deflector, mounting hardware, octagonal grill mesh kit powder coated black and templates.

Reduce body lift and engine heat by upgrading your Camaro Hood while saving on repainting or heavy cost associated with replacement hoods.


1. 1 – ACS ZL1 Hood Insert for SS LT LS Hood
2. 1 - ACS Water Deflector
3. 1 - Front Passenger Side Hood Grill, Octagonal Mesh
4. 1 - Rear Passenger Side Hood Grill, Octagonal Mesh
5. 1 - Front Driver Side Hood Grill, Octagonal Mesh
6. 1 - Rear Driver Side Hood Grill, Octagonal Mesh
7. 6 - M6 Nut with Mounted Washer
8. 1 - Templates
9. 1 - Adhesive Cartridge

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