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Originally Posted by SSBUSDRVR View Post
Whats the difference in this system compared to others? Had a 335 with it that functioned automatically and worked without issue for the 3yrs we had it. Yeah there a few molehills here believe it or not.
What I've read here indicates that its timing may not match that of a driver who is reasonably proficient at manual transmission operation all that well.

It may be something that's subject to some tolerance, with some individual cars being worse than others about getting in the driver's way. Or perhaps not being compatible with the use of only minimal throttle to get rolling.

I don't think it's just the Camaro or just Chevy. Any sort of electrical or electronic brake release feature is subject to not working well with at least some drivers. Although the system details likely differ, the hill assist feature in my wife's Subie is decidedly lazy in letting go. And after driving stick-shift cars for nearly 50 years I've managed on several occasions to stall that car when the [related] electronic parking brake refused to release the brakes as fast as I was adding clutch engagement just to get out of my driveway.

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