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Originally Posted by 2KZ28_For_Now View Post
The person driving the "camera car" was driving the EXACT same car.

GM IS toying with us. BET.

Nice try, guys, but we expect BETTER.

Take that to the BANK.

Take your "sucker bet" back to the line. Nice Try. :(
Uhm toying with us how? Even if this was done by GM (which I don't think it is) who cares... they're giving us a glimpse that we've all wanted to see. Fbodfather has himself said that they're testing cars with different striping/looks so it's not like this is going to be a fake car they put out there just to mess with us. You think they're that bored

I appreciate the video having been taken and I love what I see. She looks awesome in motion (even if slowly heh).
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