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Originally Posted by DkKnight_X View Post
I guess this begs the question, "Do you really need to go to such great lengths to protect the paint on new cars delivered to your dealership?" Wouldn't the dealerships be aware of something as important as this and avoid situtions like this from happening to all future cars? If you noticed paint issues on all previous cars, I'm certain other people would notice too. Don't you think you and Todd went a little overboard? Not being sarcastic, just being inquisitive because if all of those steps are necessary, when mine comes in, I may follow in your footsteps. Thanks! Nice car!
When I buy mine I will probably be in Make Ready doing it myself! However, I watched our guys do a V6 Victory Red today that came in on Rail, and surprisingly, they handled the car much in the matter that Todd did. I certainly appreciate the hard work they do back there after reading this post.
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