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Originally Posted by DkKnight_X View Post
I guess this begs the question, "Do you really need to go to such great lengths to protect the paint on new cars delivered to your dealship?" Wouldn't the dealerships be aware of something as important as this and avoid situtions like this from happening to all future cars?
One would hope, and maybe even expect so, but in reality it's just not the case. Go walk a lot sometime and count the cars with "swirls" - you'll be amazed.

Given the investment I made in the car, and the intentions for this to be the last car I purchase as well as something that is handed down to my son, I don't think we went overboard at all... ya know?

How mad would you be to take possession of a car that is flawed, i.e. "swirled", "scratched", "marred", before you even drive it off the lot? Better safe than sorry.

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