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Originally Posted by bannonm View Post
Do some homework before commenting on something you obviously don't know much about.
You're right, I apologize-I'm no chief engineer and I don't know that much about brakes or ducts. I was just basing my conclusions from MT's Camaro ZL1 vs. Shelby GT500 article:

While the Mustang was a half-second faster around the track than the ZL1 on its best lap, it couldn't repeat the performance. By the end of the first lap, the brakes had already begun to heat up so badly, we could smell them from the pits as the car passed by on the front straight. By the end of the second lap, the Shelby had lost more than half of its advantage over the ZL1, turning a 1:39.03. By the third lap, the Mustang was behind the Camaro, turning a 1:39.30. The ZL1, meanwhile, never deviated by more than two-tenths of a second.

The problem, we suspect, is cooling. The Mustang is 234 pounds lighter than the Camaro and has larger front brakes, and while it has more power and more speed to deal with, it should stop better. In a single attempt, it does, stopping from 60 mph 7 feet shorter than the Camaro. At the track, though, Randy complained of serious fade. "Brakes lack bite, worse each lap," he noted. "Feels like it doesn't want to stop. Disconcerting." We took a look under the cars, and where the Camaro had obvious ductwork to provide cool air to the front brakes, the Mustang had none.
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