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Originally Posted by RPO_Z28 View Post
What does your original, signed agreement say?

I see alot of complaints but never back up documents.

I think alot of these problems are due to sheer ineptness on the part of the buyer signing a non binding agreement, price at market condition, etc.

The example above looks cut and dried. If you have a signed buyers order with a price, if the dealer adds items to the car that you didn't agree to, take the legal route.
You are correct it is cut and dry for me, I have the GM workbench order, it has nothing on it about dealer added accessories or options etc... Just a 2010 2SS, RS, Polished aluminum wheels, Black on Black leather, 6 speed manual.

The order is on my work computer I will have to forward it to home to convert it from PDF to a JPG and upload it if you want to see it.

I did have a verbal agreement for MSRP, when I asked to get that in writing and signed by my salesman the the sales manager I was told it's good, this is too big of a dealer with too big of a reputation to do that to you... but not too big to add a bunch of junk I don't want... I come from the old school, I grew up in a farming community where a hand shake and your word were as good as gold. I felt like I had that with my dealer/salesman, I still feel like I do with my salesman, but I realize now he really does not control what happens to my order... I am not naive, but I still try to believe in the best of people and give them a chance before I just dismiss them. But they will only burn me once... hopefully LOL. So I guess we will see what happens in a few months. Unless I decide I just want this taken care of now. I am actually going to look into whether or not it's legal first, if it's not I'm on it like white on rice, if it is... then I shall wait.
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