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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
I'm curious on the tires, are you actually driving them on the street? I thought they were too soft for a dual use setup. My car is used the same way, sunday driver and as many track days as I can do but I may drive from VA to NY on a weekend once or twice a year. I was probably going to go with nitto invo's since they seem like the best compromise on traction and longevity for a dual use vehicle. I'm too poor to have 2 sets of wheels/tires and will probably be getting a 20" 10 and 11" setup sometime this winter.

My engine and suspension setup is very similar with only some different brands here and there. Brakes are stock with better pads/fluid since I run shorter courses near me that focus on handling and not a lot of high speed straights.
I run these tires everyday and it is a daily driver. They don't last very long however with the track events and the way I drive. They are a far better tire that the Nitto Invo and you'd probably have no issues with what you're doing with your car. That is the combination I run on my Camaro as well.

The brakes made a difference on the short technical tracks I run and of course they made a larger difference on the 150+ MPH braking zones. I'm very pleased with my car at the moment and now I just need more power! I'm building a 416ci LS3 for it now and I'm looking for 550 RWHP reliably.

Originally Posted by thebeast916 View Post
I'd like a price on the 6piston brakes for the front. I would eventually like to upgrade my camaro 4pistons I have now.
We have them listed on our website under JDP Products and we have a thread HERE. I can't post that info in this thread however but you're welcome to PM me anytime with questions.

Originally Posted by ackeight View Post
Do you have any more pics of the Holley valve covers? I'm really really liking that alternative to the billet aluminum $600 ones. How do you like them?
I do and they are great! They are offered in Black, Silver and Polished. We've done the Black and Silver about 50/50 and the Polished are a PITB to keep clean. Here are a few pictures. We also installed our fuel line and heater hose package and cleaned up the wiring on both cars pictured below.



I have more pictures but I am really happy with them. We offer them with new GM gaskets at a great price; please call, email or PM me anytime with questions.

I appreciate the interest in our build and have a great day!

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