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Originally Posted by MY1STCAMAR0 View Post
Car looks real good. Simple and very clean mods. Truly one of the best on the site. The rims set it off. Its refreshing to see non-ZL1 clones that look damn good.

VA Beach? I'm from Chesapeake. Got fam' in both areas. I know who to hit up if I need help installing stuff, haha. Love the plate too! Congrats.
Thanks, that means a lot!! I don't "despise" ZL1 clones, but I definitely don't really care for the front end swaps and some of the other stuff people do to make it look too much like the actual model. I take pride in trying to "personalize" my car, so that people THINK it's a special edition. For the past two years, I've had numerous people ask me if my car was a Special edition model, which means I'm doing something right.

Unfortunately, I'm in the Military, and I just PCS'd to Fort Campbell KY, so I'm no longer in Va beach. I wish I had known you were in my area, we could have linked up and tackled some projects and installs bro!

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I'd like to congratulate LS3 SS for hanging on to COTW for three weeks now...
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