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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Grats to you. I have been playing borderlands instead because I just don't like the fact that I have to choose between DPS or Tanking ability from lack of drops, and I don't have millions upon millions of gold to just up and buy the gear.

I may get back into this for the next two weeks until AC III comes out. I hate to say it but I was really disappointed with the way the end game was handled. It's completely my personal opinion but I just didn't like the way everything was a gear check, not skill check.
They just came out with Patch 1.05, and it adds some new content to hunt for in Inferno.

Doesn't really change the gear check part of it, but that sort of the way most games go these days. Everyone has moved to 3 skill trees per character, 5 picks per level in the tree...and set stat increases as you level. Star Wars has it, Other games do something similar.

It makes me sick.

There was a game called Asheron's Call, which is dated graphically now...but had one of the best character systems I've played.

Dungeons & Dragons Online uses the d20 rules which is pretty cool, and that's even free to play now...though you pay for "premium" stuff in some way. I've not played it in years.

I wish game developers would try to come up with more unique character systems. The rubber stamping of MMO's is just wrong.
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