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Originally Posted by sycraft View Post
I did some hot laps at a private track session one day, I was the only one on the track,,,, so much fun. Did that before the SC install, now it would be even more fun

I hear you tons of fun... I am just a poor man in a rich man's sport. the whole reason I purchased the 1LE is to hang with the high dollar cars and not get blown away as I do now. I can out run some c5 and 6's and other cars but just because I have more track expierance then them but when it comes to equal good drivers I just can not hang on the straights. The 1 LE should level the playing field. I am gona run it stock out there just to see with the exception of Motul RBF600 brake fluid to get a base line on my times then start mods. I could care less about 1/4 mile as I drag raced for 20 years and am just over it now. I will have to mount my cool suit system in there since I have it already . 30 min runs with the A/C off in Florida gets hot in summer.
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