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Originally Posted by Tara Martin View Post
Hi Warfighter Brandon ,

I'm an Army Civilian, so God bless your work in the field for all of us! Your evolving 1LE will be an interesting story of progress in what's possible for our cars. Alas, my 1LE will remain mostly stock for a while as it's my daily driver to the Depot. I'm sure that your progress will affect what I do to my car, so I'll watch and learn. My main interest at first will be your CAI system. I really like those headers you've chosen, too. Will headers by themselves void the warranty?

Good luck with your beautiful car, and I'll be watching!

I guess I'll keep a baseline for you, as I'll run autocross with mine stock for a while.

Take care out there!:party0038:


The headers themselves won't void the warranty but a tune of any kind will. If you don't tune when you get the headers you will most likely get a check engine light. There is a flash counter with the computer so even if you change your tune back to stock when you take it in for warranty work, they will still know.
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