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Started my L99 to LS3 conversion and new cam install today!...Photos and Videos

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So after nearly 3 years of owning my Camaro, I decided to start my valve train conversion and cam install in my garage. I am installing a new 3-bolt Comp cam 235/247 .617 .624 and a 3600 stall converter along with a trans cooler, trailing arms, oil catch can and possibly sway bars. This was suppose to be a winter project but I couldn't wait to start on it once I had all the parts on hand.

As others recommended, I decided to pull the heads out while the engine was still in the car. This not only made it easy to access the trans bolts but also helped me to see what was connected on the back side of the heads. I plan to install the heads back on the block while the engine is out on the stand, then drop that baby back in one piece.

I am thankful for my wife's full support and help. In the photo of her, she was removing the valley cover bolts for me while I was taking a break I will be updating this thread with new photos and info as i go along.

thanks for looking
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