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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Thanks for your order. Be sure to let us know what you think once you install them. And post pictures!
Well I'll take that offer. I just had mine installed last Friday, only a few days after getting the new TSW wheels and Continental tires. The two guys that installed them said "wow, it really rides harsh and firm, we hope you like it that way"..

So I was expecting it to be like that but you know what? It is barley firmer than the factory stock ride, and so I think they were not familiar with how it drove before like I am. Besides, evan if it is firmer, and don't think it is much if so, the overall impact of lowering is that it feels more like a race car. Lower center of gravity, less lurch on take-off, less leaning on turns and no diving on fast stops. Besides all that, the improvement on looks is to die for! That ugly gap between teh top of the tire and the fender lip is now only bout 2 fingers.

As for any issues with them, I heard some squeaking when I hit the brakes going backwards from the rear. So next day I drove it up on ramps and got under there to see where they are coming from. Pulling downward hard and it squeaked, and it was coming directly off the spring where the rubber sheath is on the top portion which is scruched down. The sound would probably go away after it settles and the rubber is worn down some anyway, but I ran to the store and got some white lithium greese. Rubbed it on them like butter on ear of corn, and the squeak? Gone.

I had read up on the topic here before they were evan installed, I know many said it's impossible for springs to squeak. But maybe they were not refering to the PFADTS. I started out looking closely at the bushings and how I could grease them, not knowing if it's evan possible on today's sealed type gaskets. I also looked to see if they appeared to be seated correctly and they do, but I can't see all the details from under it like that. The shop had the understanding that all of the bushings were to be timed afterwards and they claimed to have done so. Just saying that in case somebody claims that the squeaking was from un-timed bushings.

Can you please explain why your springs have rubber sheaths on portions of them? Other than that minor bug-a-boo I have no problems with them, the car looks and handles much better. Labor for the install and alignment was just under $400, and this was about the same as I was quoted from 2 or 3 other shops.

They said it took both of them much longer than what they thought and if they knew that they'd have charged me more than the 4 hours labor they charged. "It would have probably taken you 2 days to do it"...and I can't agree more because I'm a perfectionist and would have double/triple checked everything.

So if you want to see the difference the lowering made see my other vids made before they were installed, they did make a huge difference. I didn't measure everything before and after, but I swear the front end must have settled in after about 100 miles, it looks about 1/2" lower.

This is HD, click on watch on Youtube, than quality and hit 780 for better view

This is how it looked just before the springs were installed, same wheels and tires:

Note of caution: if you use any kind of lubricant on any areas of the suspension, wipe off the excess because it can migrate onto the brakes. I used the squeeze tube form of white lithium grease, at first I tried the spray on type but that stuff gets everywhere. This type of grease will not deteriorate rubber over time like petroleum based grease would, it will actually help preserve rubber and plastics.

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