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It was ninety nine cents!
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Bummer on the air bubbles bro =( Good news is that it doesn't look too noticeable from a distance. However if you're anything like me it will be the only thing you see when you look at it.

I'd call the vendor and see if they maybe could hook you up.

I was considering doing a DIY on my side stripes, but ended up making an appointment with Burdick to have them installed professionally. Initially I was really wanting to be able to say "I did that" But I've never done vinyl. I'm going to go with "I paid for that"

Honestly, I screwed up putting my upstateC5 decal in my side window LOL So I think I would personally butcher my vinyls.

I'm better at making money than modding my car so $$$$$$$ to the professionals. *sigh* someday.

Either way you've been pretty ambitious and I bet you've learned a ton. Don't get discouraged, nobody wakes up being a professional. Your car looks great bro. Keep it up!
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