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Went to Driftoberfest 2012 in Longmont, CO this weekend. Had a great time. Mostly spectated and did ride alongs, also helped my buddy with getting his car prepped since he was participating (his car is the maroon 240SX pictured below). He took 3rd place.

I also got a chance to drive my car on the track by participating in the "Circle Drag". The circle drag is where you drag race against another car around a circle track for one lap. I won my first race against a Subaru Sti (the driver said it put 500 hp to the wheels), seen in the first video and pictured below. There was a substantial amount of dirt and dust thrown onto the track from the drift events so the car's torque made maintaining grip somewhat difficult.

But I lost my second race to a 3000 GT (second video). The driver told me it was TT'd at 26 lbs of boost making 480 hp at the wheels. After the race I spoke with the driver, and he said the outer lane had much less dirt on it so it was easier to maintain grip, possibly my downfall in the second race. Anyways I had a blast and am glad that I finally got a chance to test my car against another. I hope to make a trip to a proper drag strip soon to truly test the car's metal as well as my own.

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