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It was ninety nine cents!
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Originally Posted by Joebot8484 View Post
anytime brother, nice write up. your car looks and sounds great! can't wait to see those stripes...

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Thanks bro! I've been reading DIY's and watching vids all night. I think I'm going to tackle this one today from the safety of my buddy's garage! WHeeeee. Just looks too simple to justify spending 150+ to have a shop do it.

Either gonna be a good day or a really bad day LOL.

My plan of attack is prep the surface by washing the area, and doing several passes with alcohol and a lint free towel.

Use the rear bodylines (where the rear quarters meet the rear bumper cover will work, along with the fuel door on the pass. side) as a guide. Dry fit the stripes and make markings/measurements with auto. painter's tape.

Apply the stripes wet, use a spray bottle to keep things moist.

Squeegee slowly fromt he inside out.

Take my time.


I'll keep yas posted
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