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Originally Posted by the_fast_one View Post
I know pricing is pretty much dealer specific but I'm wondering what some of you got off MSRP if anything. I'm friends with the salesman but he could never out a deal together to entice me to buy from him. I think he has learned by now that I trade cars like underwear and is willing to put forth some effort in making the deal work. If not the dealer I always go to also owns a Chevy dealership and said they would be more than happy to run numbers with ne. I have bought six cars from the in the past three years (05 cts,06 ctsv,05 corvette, 07 crew cab Silverado, 07 corvette, 05 Colorado). I traded in a 2000 Porsche 911 and my 08 Audi a4 into them as well.
The car on Chevy website was 43500 with the 900 destination fee. Am I crazy for trying to get then down to 40k before tax or just try 43500 including ttl. That would be like paying 41ish. I've never bought a new car and I don't know what kind of margin there is in them.

For Chevy make-to-order where dealer doesn't have to finance the car and worry about holdback recuperation, start with this formula:

Configured Invoice - 3% of configured MSRP + fair & reasonable profit

Success depends on the car, market, allocation and not being a jerk about it.

For a more in depth study, see and the book "What Car Dealers Won't Tell You".
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