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Originally Posted by the_fast_one View Post
Well its not a made to order car. The dealer had four allocations unspoken for and my buddy new I am interested in the car. He called and git the specs that I would want if I was to buy one. He is having one of the sealer cars built to my specs with no obligation to buy as I have no money down etc. Should I choose to buy the real bargaining will begin but what he told ne was just a rough estimate of what I can expect. I know if it sits on their lot while I make up my mind they will have a little bit of interest in the floor plan but not enough to amount to anything. It will also depend on what specials Chevy is running at the time of delivery.
If you're not doing a make to order (you confused me by posting this thread in the 1LE forum) look on the door. There's a sticker and a date stating when the car was manufactured. This will tell you how long the car has been sitting on the lot. The dealer loses increasing percentage of his holdback month to month if he cannot rid of the car. You can calculate how much holdback is left by taking that date adding 30 days to it then subtracting today's date from that calculated date and knowing what percentage GM will give them. But you must offer a fair and reasonable profit. In the 80s this was thought to be $300 on a $30,000 car. And if the cars you're interested in is hot and moving, you'll have less leverage.

Here's more info. I have an entry at the end too. Good luck. And remember, never negotiate a supplier so tight they can't stay in business. MUST be a WIN:WIN or we hurt ourselves in the long run ...
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