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Originally Posted by SOPMOD View Post
I knew Jesse through our club, he was a true car guy through and through.......

We met him at a car show last year, he had just purchased a brand new fully loaded Orange SRT-8 Challenger about two months prior.
He joined the club that very same day, showed up a few times with the Challenger and the next time we saw him he had an Inferno Orange Camaro 2SS/RS.

He lost his ass on that deal but he loved the Camaro and the Club so much it did not matter to him.
Jesse was an ambassador of the the club and the brand, every Camaro he saw he would try and recruit members.
There are quite a few members in SJCC club now due to Jesseís recruitment.
He was always on the forums and attended every show and meeting he could.
Even at Nationals this year he did not feel well but he came anyway.

Jesse was always a PITA in a good way, he would fuss with me knowing he could push my buttons.
The guy would call me at ten oíclock at night to ask me some ridiculous question....LOL
I would dread the phone ringing at 10 pm knowing it was Jesse...I would always pick it up and we would talk shop.
He was retired and didntít have anything better to do I guess...LOL.
Iím glad I got the opportunity to know him and he will be missed by all!

He was a enthusiast of the hobby and he lived and truly understood the meaning of Camaro!!!!!!!!!

This car and community continue to amaze me, I never know what will happen next.
I am sure when they designed the car back in 1966 they could have never imagined the impact it would have on so many lives.

Even I become complacent and take it for granted, we started a simple Camaro club right?....WRONG, it has become so much more than that.
The machine is living and breathing, and has taken on a life of itís own. The members/enthusiasts are like family and we all make up the machine.
We just lost a very important component that can not be replaced.

I donít have to tell you itís like getting kicked in the guts when we lose someone.
One day you see them upright and then the next thing you know they are gone.

Jesse will not be forgotten....He was a Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Brother!

GODSPEED Brother, may you rest in piece!

SOPMOD/El Presidente...OUT!

He said he liked my car and let me off with a warning. Next Day I got a ticket ....
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